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Yong ZHANG is an associate professor and deputy director of Web and Software R&D Center, RIIT, and his academic orientation is in CS department, Tsinghua University.

Biography: He received his BSc degree in Computer Science and Technology in 1997, and PhD degree in Computer Software and Theory in 2002 from the
CS department of Tsinghua University. From 2002 to 2005, he did his Postdoc at Cambridge University, UK. In 2005, he joined Tsinghua University.


  • Data Management: Try to improve the performance of the data management systems such as databases by optimizing the data organization across memory, flash, disk and network. The detailed topics include Row-Column Mixed Storage, Flash-based SSD Index and Buffer Optimization, Data Replication, Spatial index and Temporal Database.

  • Data Analysis: Try to find the implied relationships among data items. The detailed topics include Package Recommendation, Tagging System and Recommendation, Information Diffusion and Spam Detection.





  • 863 project: Cardiovascular Disease Data Platform Construction and Application Research

  • Beijing Biochem Co.: R & D on Cloud Service Platform for Smart Health Management System (12M RMB)

  • 12.5 Support Program: Research on Key Technologies for Oral Health Cloud Services and Big Data Applications  

  • 973 sub-project: Massive Data Orgnization and Resource Sharing Method

  • CALIS: Digital Library for the History of Chinese Science and Technology

  • Shanghai Stock Exchange: Architecture Research on Low Latency Transactions

  • MOR:

    • Data Storage Application Research in Cluster Computing

    • Rule Composition Research for the Multi-Dimensional Railway Ticket Price

    • Railway eCommerce Key Technologies for Massive Data and High Concurrency

    • Customer Service Model and Key Technologies of Passenger Dedicated Lines

  • 863: R&D of Cross-domain Sharing and Service Support Platform for Data-Driven Applications

  • 11.5 support program sub-project: Digital Plane Content Supporting Technology Platform

  • 863 sub-project: Massive Internet Data Repository

  • IAEA: A CSCW system for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

  • NSFC: Development of Key Concepts and Methodologies for Dynamic and Multi-dimensional Spatial Data Handling

  • UK-DTI: Molecular Standards for the Internet


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