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Research Institute of Information Technology (RIIT), as part of the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) of Tsinghua University and a division of Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology (TNLIST), is the major force and central base of Tsinghua University's research and development efforts in the area of information technology. Established in 2003, RIIT consists of eight technology R&D centers and multiple joint research labs cooperated with domestic and foreign Enterprises.

RIIT's mission is to target on world-class R&D objectives and standards, leverage on Tsinghua University's advanced research environment and recent technical innovations, cooperate with talented research teams in related academic departments, laboratories as well as industrial partners, and produce significant achievements to serve national interest and emerging information industries.

RIIT is committed to structural reforms. It has been trying hard to establish an open, inspiring and collaborative working environment. RIIT's technology R&D centers focus on research projects that have great impact to China's economy growth, such as technology of digital television broadcast, wireless mobile communication, large-scale information system, voice and language technologies, and automobile electronics. RIIT's technology R&D centers also emphasis on research projects that are critical to China's national interest, such as embedded microprocessor, embedded operating system, and information security. RIIT's been determined to play a leading role in China's information technology advance.

RIIT recognizes the importance of international cooperation and industrial connections. RIIT positions itself as a platform to support technology innovation and to organize large-scale key projects for SIST and TNLIST. By introducing flexible policies and collaboration mechanism, RIIT effectively promotes the establishment, exchange, sharing, and transfer of intellectual properties. It continues to explore win-win scenarios with industrial partners.

RIIT also encourages multidisciplinary collaboration, stimulates academic exploration, and facilitates talents exchange and recruiting. It brings the most advanced research achievement and technology development into SIST's course study and research projects. The joint effort in scientific study and technological innovation between RIIT and related academic departments as well as laboratories will greatly benefit the students enrolled in SIST's degree programs.

Technologies that have profound impact on China’s market are often top-notch. Engineering projects that play significant role in China’s economy are likely world-class. We sincerely welcome scholars and researchers around the world to join our effort. Let’s strive together and grow together.

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