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As a part of China’s leading educational institution, RIIT inevitably shares the responsibility of teaching undergraduate and graduate students. RIIT works with various departments and institutes to offer courses and supervise research, supplementing the educational programs with an application-oriented perspective.

During the 2015-2016 school year, 18 faculty members from RIIT directly participated in the teaching programs at the School of Information Technology, offering 26 courses. New admission of graduate students in the Fall of 2016 has reached 22, out of which 9 are enrolled to Ph.D. programs.

RIIT’s contribution to Tsinghua University’s educational programs has been recognized both at the university level and at the national level. Among the awards received over the years, two are worth mentioning: “Computer Architecture” won the “2008 National Excellent Course Award” and SRT (Student Research Training) won the“Outstanding Project Award” ,“Excellent Organization Reward”.

RIIT’s participation in educational programs offers students a distinctive insight in the many aspects of a research program such as project management and team work. It ties students’ work to real-world applications, giving them a view of their future roles in advancing technological innovations.

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