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The Joint Secretary of Pakistan National Ministry of Culture and Information Broadcasting, Mr. Zahoor Ahmad...2017-05-13

Digital Television Center Project Won the Third Prize in Beijing Science and Technolgy Award2017-04-26

Digital TV Center was Awarded First Prize of National Technology Progress2017-01-16

One Patent of Our Institute Transferred to SCER Successfully2016-11-18

A research paper by Junwei Cao of our institute has been selected as one of the ‘most influential one hund...2016-11-18

RIIT’s 8 patents successfully transferred to CertusNet Inc.2016-11-14

The Project RIIT Co-drafted “Technical Standards for Vocal-prints-based Enhanced Security Applications in ...2016-11-09

Symposiumon Joining Tsinghua University Technology Transfer System and RIIT Scientific Researches and Indus...2016-11-09

RIIT Digital Television Center Faculty Yang Fang Was Awarded Advanced Individual of Standardization by Nati...2016-11-09

Project from RIIT Digital Television Technology R&D Center Won the Progress Prize in Science and Technology...2016-11-09

RIIT Digital Television Center Faculty Pan Changyong Elected as Fellow of Chinese Institute of Electronics2016-11-08

RIIT Digital Television Center Faculty Yang Fang Selected into “Young Talents Lifting Project” of China A...2016-11-08

The Project RIIT Digital Television Center Participated in Won Third-class Prize of Beijing Municipal Scien...2016-11-08

RIIT Wireless Center won Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Award2016-11-08

RIIT and China Science and Technology Museum Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement2016-11-08

RIIT Digital Television Center Faculty Awarded by Chinese Institute of Electronics2016-11-08

Project from RIIT Operating System Center Won Second-class Prize of National Science and Technology Progres...2016-11-08

Paper from Microprocessor and SoC (System on Chip) Technology R&D Center won Bes2015-06-30

“Key Technologies and Applications for Internationalization of DTMB Standards” w2015-06-30

RIIT set up Joint Research Center for Informatization System and Engineering2015-06-30

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