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【2017 Academic Report 05】Vehicular Networking Technologies, Challenges, and Future Directions2017-10-25

【2017 Academic Report 04】Timely Signal Updates2017-07-17

【2016 Academic Report 07】 Rate Agnostic Content Identification and De-Duplication in Media Networks2016-11-30

【2016 Academic Report 05】Online Community Oriented Data Analytics2016-11-30

【2016 Academic Report 04】Source-Channel Communication in Networks: Separation Theorems and Beyond2016-07-15

【2016 Academic Report 03】Online community Oriented Data Analytics2016-07-15

【2016 Academic Report 01】Tandem and Hybrid Speech Recognition Systems based on a General ANN2016-07-07

【2015 Academic Report 09】Game-Theoretic Design: From Wireless Communications to Internet Econ2015-10-19

【Academic Report】Digi-ledger as a New Blockchain Service2015-10-12

【2015 Academic Report 08】SoundfieldsMobile technology for management of Parkinson’s disease2015-09-14

【2015 Academic Report 05】Multizone Wideband Reproduction of Speech Soundfields2015-05-19

【2015Academic Report 04】Big Network Visualization2015-05-19

【2015 Academic Report 03】Provably Delay Efficient Data Retrieving in Storage Clouds2015-05-19

【2015 Academic Report 02】Speech structure; human-inspired representation of speech acoustics2015-05-05

【2014 Academic Report 16】Cognitively Inspired Multimodal Speech Filtering2014-10-24

【2014 Academic Report 17】Spoofing and anti-spoofing for automatic speaker verification2014-10-20

【2014 Academic Report 15】Adaptable Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Systems2014-10-14

【2014 Academic Report 14】The art of designing SDN2014-09-25

【2014 Academic Report 13】Wireless Trends2014-09-05

【2014 Academic Report 12】Cloud Computing: where infrastructure adapts to the application2014-09-05

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