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Patent application is encouraged in RIIT. By the end of 2016, 372 patents had been granted and 236 among them are currently held by RIIT. There are four ways to facilitate the application of IPs, namely IP sharing, IP exchange, IP transfer, and IP licensing. The examples are given as the following:

IP Sharing Example

During the early stage of industrialization, TDS-OFDM technology for DTV terrestrial transmission was developed via IP sharing.

IP Exchange Example

TD−SCDMA base band chip development was accomplished via IP exchange since both university and the industry partner had needs for each other’s technology.

IP Transfer Example

In order to expedite the commercialization, the technology of DTV setup box with separated UTI card was entirely transferred to the industry partner.

IP Licensing Example

Core technologies for digital rights management technology including four invention patents were licensed to industry partners with corresponding fees.

Patents in 2016

Patents in 2015

Patents in 2014


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