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As a project-based interdisciplinary entity platform, RIIT takes comprehensive advantages of Tsinghua University to carry out major scientific and technological problems related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. According to the national medium and long term plan, RIIT actively organized relevant fields to tackle key problems and gave proposals for independent innovation. RIIT played a significant role in fields of digital TV, radio communication, urban transportation, rail transportation, digital media, network and information security, electronic political affairs and high-end information services.

With the energy, environment and other issues becoming increasing prominent, China is seeking a highly efficient, energy-saving and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Therefore the development of high-speed railway has become the concern of all people. Railway is the important infrastructure of the country, the great artery of national economy and the tool of mass transportation, which takes a significant mission to ensure transport in the construction of a harmonious society. Ministry of Railways and Tsinghua University reached a strategic cooperation agreement on talent training, scientific research funds and high-tech applications. RIIT, associating with other departments, has undertaken a number of major research projects in the key technologies of railway passenger-service information system, passenger line ticket transaction system, communication signaling system and the EMU train network system.

The Ministry of Railway’s Project “Research on Application of Passenger Service Electronic Ticket and Revenue Management” led by Tsinghua University has overcome the key technologies of concurrent transaction processing system on a large scale and solved the problem of the quality of electronic ticket service under high load. The Beijing-Tianjin intercity rail fast pass system, which was designed and developed by RIIT and other enterprises, has been applied along stations and has improved the service level of passenger lines. In 2006, the Research Institute of Rail Transit Automation was founded by the association of RIIT and Beijing Quanlu Communication Signal Research and Design Institute, which designed and developed the semi-physical simulation test platform for CTCS-3 train control system and played a significant role in the laboratory testament of Wuhan-Guangzhou high speed passenger train control system. In addition, RIIT, associated with Department of Automation, Department of Computer Science, Department of Electronics and Department of Biology, has undertaken a project---“Technology and Equipment Development of High Speed Train Control System” which was supported by National Science and Technology Program with Beijing Quanlu Communication Signal Research and Design Institute. The project broke through the key technologies of high-speed trains whose speed is more than 350km per hour and related systems, contributing to the realization of China’s high-speed train technology becoming the leading in the world.

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