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The Joint Secretary of Pakistan National Ministry of Culture and Information Broadcasting, Mr. Zahoor Ahmad...2017-04-26

The Fifth Beijing Symposium on Gravitational Waves Was Held Successfully2017-04-23

A lecture on “Machine Learning with Connectionist Models – A Developmental Perspective”was held by RIIT2017-03-30

IEEE BMSB 2014 Conference was Successfully Held in Beijing2015-06-30

2014 International Conference for Smart Health (ICSH) was Held in Tsinghua2015-06-30

US Carnegie Mellon University Prof. Alan W Black Visited RIIT2015-06-29

Indiana Prof. Geoffrey Charles Fox Gave a talk at RIIT2015-06-25

Dr. Chris Vincent from the UCL gave a presentation in RIIT2014-05-23

Beijing Gravitational Waves Workshop2013-10-22

Prof. Zhu Han from the Huston University gave a presentation at RIIT2013-10-22

Indian Professor Chakraborty Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Dr. Zhongfeng Wang from Broadcom Corporation Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

DTV Center Team Attended the 1st China-Cuba International Forum on Digital TV2013-09-09

Distinguished Tsinghua Alumnus Liwei Ren Gave an Academic Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Dr. Zhu Han from University of Houston Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Dr. Bo Hong from Georgia Institute of Technology Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Professor Lang Tong from Cornell University Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Dr. Shiwen Mao from Auburn University Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Thailand National BCC Visits RIIT DTV Center2013-09-09

RIIT Faculty Participates in HIMSS122012-05-28

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