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R&D Centers

R&D Centers

Wireless and Mobile Communication Technology R&D Center

Digital Television Technology R&D Center

Microprocessor and SOC Technology R&D Center

Web and Software Technology R&D Center

Speech and Language Technology R&D Center

Rail Transit Control Technology R&D Center

Energy Internet Technology R&D Center

Network and Big Data R&D Center


Tsinghua University (RIIT) -Joint Research Center for Perception and Accelerated Computing Tech

Tsinghua University (RIIT) -TONGFANG Industrial Co., Ltd. Joint Institute for Intelligent Maintenance and Guarantee Technology

Tsinghua (RIIT) -3Golden Beijing Technologies Co., Ltd. Joint Research Center for Financial Big Data

Tsinghua University (RIIT) -Beijing d-Ear Technologies Co., Ltd. Joint Laboratory for Voiceprint Processing

Tsinghua (RIIT) -Beijing Biochem Joint Research Center for Big Data in Smart Health

Tsinghua University -CertusNet elastic network joint research center

Tsinghua (RIIT) -HebeiXinshen IT Co., Ltd. Joint Research Center for Informatization System and Engineering

Tsinghua (RIIT) -Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd Joint Laboratory for Advanced Video & Audio Technology (LAVAT)

Tsinghua (RIIT) -YIWEN Environmental Science Technology Co., Ltd. Joint Institute for Environmental Testing (IET)

Tsinghua (RIIT) -CRSCD Railway Traffic Automation Institute