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The First Meeting of China 6G Wireless Technology Group was held at RIIT

On the afternoon of June 27, the first meeting of China 6G Wireless Technology Group(the Group for short) was held in the Multi-function Hall of FIT Building. The meeting was chaired by Su Xin, Deputy Director of the Wireless and Mobile Communications Technology Research Center and head of the Group. Tsinghua University is the head of the Group. The meeting was fully supported by China Information and Communication Institute, China Mobile, Huawei and ZTE. And more than 100 representatives from over 40 well-known enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions from China Unicom, China Xinke (formerly Datang Telecom), Putian China, and other coperations from all over the country attended the meeting.


The meeting defined the objectives and tasks, working ideas, methods and plans of the Group; all member units focused on the first research directions, and carried out technical discussions. The Working Group will meet the demand of 6G application, gather the forces of the industry, universities and research institutions, sort out the potential new wireless air interface technology and spectrum utilization technology, clarify the development direction of wireless transmission technology and lay the foundation for the innovation and development of the new generation of mobile communication in China. The conference will have an important impact on the research process of 6G wireless technology in both China and the world.