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Professor Dongsheng Wang's team won the first prize of CCF Science and Technology Award for Natural Science


On October 23, the China Computer Federation (CCF) held an award ceremony. The project “Major Security Vulnerability Discovery for Modern Processor” completed by the team of Professor Dongsheng Wang won the first prize of CCF Science and Technology Award for Natural Science. Professor Dongsheng Wang who is the director of the Microprocessor and System-on-Chip Technology Research Center of the Research Institute of Information Technology. The project was mainly completed by Dongsheng Wang, Yongqiang Lyu, Pengfei Qiu, and Haixia Wang.


The second on the right is the team teacher Yongqiang Lyu

This project is oriented towards the processor security analysis and secure processor architecture design, and has formed a series of security evaluation methods and built a distributed security test platform. On this basis, it has further discovered the major vulnerabilities of GPU and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerators’ hardware. This project plays an important role in promoting the development of technologies such as hardware security and AI chip security.

The "CCF Science and Technology Award" awards the outstanding achievements that have important discoveries, inventions, and original innovations in the field of computer science, technology or engineering, and have a certain international influence in the related fields. The "CCF Science and Technology Award for Natural Science" is awarded to the projects that achieve theoretical breakthroughs or original research results, major/important scientific discoveries in basic research in computer and other related fields. In 2020, a total of three research projects won the “CCF Science and Technology Award for Natural Science”.