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A Major Scientific Research Project of RIIT Appraised By Chinese Institute of Electronics

On 26th Aug. the scientific and technological achievements appraisal on ‘An Integrated Information Processing Technology for Fiber Bus Systems in Multistage High-speed Aerocraft’(IIPT for short) organized by Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) was held in RIIT. Academician Hao Yue took the chair of the appraisal committee and Academician Li Shushen, the vice chairman.

IIPT was the research achievement of SoC (An application-oriented SoC for Information Processing and Controlling) which was the major project of the Core Electronic Devices, High-End Generic Chips and Basic Software of National Science and Technology Major Projects of China conducted by Li Zhaolin. Since the September 2008 when the project was started, RIIT has collaborated with the Institute of Microelectronics and institutes of Aerospace Science and Industry Group to make technical breakthrough on the key technology of high speed aircrafts’ intelligence and miniaturization for 8 years. We have solved a number of technical problems of information integration and processing and had a series of research achievements which have been applied in many major types of tasks with remarkable effects.

The appraisal committee listened to the research and technology report given by Prof. Wei Shaojun, from Institute of Microelectronics and Li Zhaolin, a researcher of RIIT and the application report from users. Later, the committee watched the demonstration of the system, reviewed the test report and data review report.

After questions and discussions, the appraisal committee agreed that the project was the achievement of China’s civil and military integration development. And it constructed high-speed aircrafts for systems bus techniques, core electronic devices and integrated applications development schemes. Meanwhile, it achieved the technical leap of high speed aircraft system in China and helped get freed of dependence on foreign techniques and core electronic devices. In addition, it provided the advanced and effective basis and engineering methods for China’s high-speed aircraft system upgrade, and the overall technology reached the international advanced level.

In the end, combing the current situation with the development demands of China’s electronic information technology, Director Diao Shijing fully affirmed the technical achievements and put forward some suggestions and requirements on the industrialization of the following work.