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Twelve Patents of RIIT were Successfully Transferred to CertusNet Inc.

Recently, after the assessment of the university, 12 patents on network security of RIIT have been successfully transferred to CertusNet Inc.. The transformation of intellectual property includes the scientific projects: “Multi-domain network packet classification method-based on network traffic”, “A fetal heart monitoring system through remote cloud”, “A extracting method of event sentence pattern in Chinese sentence”, etc. fulfilled by Li Jun, Wang Dongsheng, Lv Yongqiang, Xue Yibo, Zhou Qiang from Microprocessor and SOC Technology R&D Center, Network and Big Data R&D Center, and Speech and Language Technology R&D Center.

Xue Yibo, one of the patent holder, said, ‘CertusNet Inc. bought the proprietary technology of Li Jun team at Tsinghus University last year, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of products such as cloud computing and NFV and possessing the independent controllable core technology. Thus the market share in telecom operators has been highly expanded and the industry leading brand has been formed. CertusNet has benefited a lot from the patent technology and the research team of our university, and continued to purchase 12 patent technology including “Multi-domain network packet classification method-based on network traffic” completed by Li Jun team to improve the core competitiveness of the whole range to products. The cooperation between CertusNet and Tsinghua University in the field of intellectual property not only explores how technical inventions of scientific research institutions can help enterprises solve the problem of core technology shortage, but leads the future exploration into practice and innovation of close cooperation in Industry-University-Research.

Officials of CertusNet said, with the gradual maturity of SDN/NFV technology, operators gradually commercialized relative products of SDN/NFV based on joint research center of flexible networks co-built with RIIT of Tsinghua University. Making full use of industry-university-research cooperation and transformations of scientific and technological achievements, CertusNet has successfully commercialized vBRAS,vCPE,SD-WAN based on SDN/NFV technology, which helped their company win bid for China Telecom 2017 Provincial Cloud Resource Pool Trial Commercial SDN Project (Phase I) and other operators major projects. Therefore, on the basis of prior patent transfer, CertusNet further expanded the need for transfer and hoped that with the help of RIIT’s technology, the company would improve SDN/NFV technology, consolidate the leading position of CertusNet, and extend future edge computing and markets and business related to networking and artificial intelligence.

CertusNet, founded in 2007, is a national high-tech, software and technological innovation leading enterprise. There are many years of industry-university-research cooperation between RIIT and CertusNet. We have undertaken a number of research and development projects and in 2014 we jointly established Research Center of Flexible Network