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RIIT was awarded Advanced Units for Standardization in 2017

Recently the standardization work undertaken by Digital Television Technology R&D Center was awarded “Advanced Units in 2017” by National Technical Committee for Standardization of Audio, Video and Multimedia Systems and Equipments(SAC/TC242). And Researcher Pan Changyong was awarded “Advanced Individuals in Standardization Work”.

Digital Television Technology R&D Center of RIIT has committed to the development of terrestrial digital television broadcasting engineering technology in China for a long time, and it has made important contributions in innovating technical schemes, breaking through key technologies, formulating national technical standards, promoting domestic and foreign applications, and successfully promoting international standards. Pan Changyong participated in the development, application and internationalization of terrestrial digital television transmission standards in China and in the formulation and revision of national and industry standards. He also conducted international comparison tests and presentations overseas, and won the competition for similar international standards, pushing Hong Kong, Macao SAR and Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Pakistan and other countries to adopt DTMB standards which supported the historic breakthrough of our country's mandatory standard accepted by foreign countries. In addition, Pan promoted international standards for digital television, successively submitted 33 manuscripts to ITU and completed the compilation of the revision of 6 international standards, which made an important contribution to promote DTMB standard to become ITU's fourth terrestrial digital television standard and to perfect DTMB international standard system.