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The Project “Development, Demonstration, and Application of Energy Routers in Autonomous Microgrids” Acceptance

On Aug. 3rd, the project “Development, Demonstration, and Application of Energy Routers in Autonomous Microgrids”, which was led by Cao Junwei from Energy Internet Technology R&D Center and jointly undertaken by Beijing Smart China Energy Internet Research Institute and Beijing Energy Group Co., Ltd. was accepted smoothly. Prof. Zeng Ming from North China Electric Power University was head of the acceptance expert group.

The project was about the prototype development and application demonstration of the energy router equipment and did research at multiple levels on general function design of energy routers, energy routing algorithm of energy routers, the open interface of energy routers, the interconnection standard and the source load flexible connection technology, the electricity load demand, the new energy generation two-way prediction, the energy trading mechanism, related interface technology, the demonstration application of the source router and the performance evaluation research. After Cao Junwei’s report, the acceptance expert group questioned and discussed, then decided that the project met the acceptance conditions.

The team led by Cao Junwei, a teacher from Energy Internet Technology R&D Center of RIIT has been responsible for the project since June 2016. After two years’ basic research, device development and commissioning, the project has passed a third-party entrustment of experimental certification. The voltage level the energy router is 380V, the system capacity is 100 kVA, and the response time is less than 10ms. It can be connected to a variety of power sources (power grid, wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage, etc.) and load types (AC resistance, AC reactance, electronic load, direct current load, energy storage (charge), ect.). The energy router has both power flow and power quality regulation mode.

At present, the device has been initially applied in the energy Internet demonstration project in the new area of Jingneng in north Haidian. In the future, the device will be further industrialized and be popularized and applied in many national energy Internet demonstration projects. With the increasing trend of power electronics of new energy power system, modularized, standardized and integrated solutions such as energy routers will have more advantages. Therefore, it is expected that the market will have a bright future, bring enormous economic and social benefits and lay foundations for the development of the energy Internet.