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Huading Health Knowledge Illustration Seminar was held by WEB Center

Huading Health Knowledge Illustration Seminar was held WEB and Software Technology Research Center on Jan.16, 2019. Xing CHunxiao, the director of the Center, together with Zhang Yong, the executive deputy director, Yang Jijiang and Li Chao, the associate director attended the Seminar. Professor Meng Xiaofeng of Renmin University, Professor Zhang Ming of Peking University, Chief Physician Liu Huiliang (former Vice President) of PLA General Hospital, Professor Li Juanzi of Tsinghua University, Director Chen Liheng of Xinyun Hengan, Physician Zheng Wen of Anzhen Hospital and Vice President Liu Guangzhong of Biochem Group also attended the Seminar.

Zhang Yong introduced the “ Huading Health Knowledge Illustration” in the workshop, including: the data source, the construction, the map-based service, the key technology of the illustration, the system construction and so on. Sheng Ming, the chief researcher of the center demonstrated the system platform of Huading Health Knowledge Illustration, mainly from the concept, the example and the data source of the illustration, the construction method and the related service, etc.

All the experts fully affirmed the scale and magnitude, the visual display, the inquiry and construction of Huading Health Knowledge Illustration, and put forward some suggestions on its further research and development from the aspects of academic details, field selection, future cooperation and soon.