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RIIT Held 2017 Graduates Research Award and Academic Salon


On April 26th, 2017 Graduates Research Award and Academic Salon was held by RIIT in 1-312 at FIT Building. Pan Changyong, the dean assistant, together with Wang Haixia, the associate director of Microprocessor and SOC Technology R&D Center , Zhang Yong, the associate director of Web and Software Technology R&D Center, Zhang Xiujun, the teaching supervisor of Wireless and Mobile Communication Technology R&D Center, awarded certificates to t graduates. Doctoral students who won the research awards were Wang Mingyu, Zhang Xu, Xiao Chiyang, Wang Lijing, Tian Hongliang; and  master students were Gao Junnan, Lin Xiaofeng, Zhang Yuanxing and Zhang Yan. The RIIT graduate academic salon was held after the award ceremony and 5 award-winning students gave academic reports respectively. RIIT established Graduates Research Award in 2013 to encourage graduate students to do advanced research work and bring more research outcomes with important academic value.