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Network and Big Data R&D Center

The Network and Big Data R&D Center (BigNet Center) targets the key challenges on the design of big data-driven network architecture, the construction of network information plane, and the development of new computing model for network big data, with the aim of carrying out ground-breaking researches, satisfying the increasing demands of discipline construction and talent cultivation, and promoting the basic theoretical researches on network big data and the demons tration of engineering applications.

The BigNet Center, as a multi-disciplinary research team emphasizing university-industry collaboration, was established in October 2014 directing by Prof. Hao Yin. The chief scientists of the BigNet center are Prof. Yaoxue Zhang, Prof. Youping Li, and Prof. Yunjie Liu, the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Enginee ring. The BigNet Center has more than 18 associate professors and assistant professors from the School of Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University. The main research directions of the BigNet Center include Data-driven Networks and Big Data Computing, covering the research areas of Network Architecture and Resource Management, High Performance Computing and Cognitive Reasoning, Big Data Management and Analytics, and Big Data Applications.

The BigNet Center is dedicated at developing innovative and key techniques for network big data, focusing on accumulating independent intellectual property rights and building close collaborations with reputable international research institutions and companies. The center has been keeping focus on preparation for 135 National Plan, in which Prof. Yin Hao was invited to attend major proposal discussions as a chief consultant. The BigNet has also been supported by many national research projects, including National High-tech R&D Program of China, National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Major Research Plan of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Recently, it has signed a tripartite agreement with Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute and University of California-Berkeley to carry out the innovative research on the measurement, management, analysis, and visualization of network data, data-driven network resource management and task scheduling, as well as the implementation of data-driven network architecture and platform. The center participated in the China Environment for Network Innovations (CENI) project (1.3 billion) as a major partner. Furthermore, facing the challenging problems of massive computation analytics and complex cognitive reasoning in network big data computing, the BigNet Center has established the collaboration with the Central South University, jointly conducting the research on exploring the key technologies and computing models of network big data, and developing related applications and platforms by leveraging health big data obtained from Xiangya hospital. The center also proposed an innovated network model based on a bi-architectural system to meet the requirements of trusted content management and network security, which is also promising in helping new cultural and industrial business models.

The BigNet Center advocates the originality of techniques and the industrialization of research achievements. To fulfill Chinese domestic requirements, the BigNet Center has been keeping at the frontiers of global leading researches, aspiring to become a world-class network big data research center.

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