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Energy Internet Technology R&D Center

Developing the Energy Internet (EI) belongs to a new direction of the future energy/power industry under the national strategy of ‘Internet Plus’. Inspired by the experience of the Internet technology and approach, EI aims to build a variety of open and peer-to-peer energy infrastructures, so as to realize a user centric and value driven energy application system. EI is widely believed to be the key to the practice of China's energy production and consumption revolution as well as the third industrial revolution in the world.

The EI Technology R&D Center has the comprehensive advantages by covering multi-disciplines in the Research Institute of Information Technology. It utilizes the international cooperation environment, adopts flexible measures of talent introduction, and has introduced innovative results with the international advanced level in the field of the EI. Accordingly, a variety of independent intellectual property rights are obtained, leading the reform and development of energy and power industry in China. The EI Technology R&D Center is devoted to cultivate a number o fhigh-potential talents that are able to master advanced technology with innovative engineering experience and to make contributions to the promotion of Tsinghua University’s rank among the cross field in information/communication and energy/power technology over the world.

The EI Technology R&D Center has two branches: the Energy Router Research Lab and the Energy Big Data Research Lab, involving scientific subjects such as distributed computing, future network, big data analysis, block chain, power electronics, power system technology, etc. The EI Technology R&D Center seeks to create an excellent academic environment for the interdisciplinary research of information/communication and energy/power, expecting to achieve breakthrough in the key technologies of the EI, so as to form remarkable technological innovation in industry.

The main research fields of the EI Technology R&D Center include the core equipment of energy exchange and routing, new measurement and merging unit, developing energy management system and application platform for big data analysis. In order to promote multi-energy complement, cyber physical fusion and multiple subject operation, the EI Technology R&D Center chooses typical areas for EI demonstration projects, in which energy-information-value are interacted. In this sense, it makes contribution to apply technical achievements into the industry.

Homepage: http://elop.org.cn