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R&D Center

Rail Transit Control Technology R&D Center

Driven by demand for safe, green, efficient, economic and sustainable development of China rail transportation, RTCT conducts basic research and forward-looking technology development in order to solve technical challenges in high-speed railway control, management and maintenance. RTCT emphasizes on interdisciplinary collaboration and university-research-industry integration. RTCT aims for technological achievements with independent intellectual property. In addition, RTCT strives to enhance discipline development and talent training.

The RTCT team is built with more than 50 faculty, staff and students from different departments of Tsinghua University. Currently, RTCT consists of the following research labs and groups:

- High-speed Railway and Urban Rail Transport Control Technology Laboratory

- High-speed Train Control Technology Laboratory

- High-speed Railway Passenger Service Technology Laboratory

- CTCS-3 Train Control System Laboratory

- CHRT High-speed Railway Control Technology Laboratory

- Tsinghua(RIIT) – CRSCD Joint Research Institute of Railway Traffic Automation

- Tsinghua(RIIT) – EST Joint Research Institute of Environmental Monitoring

RTCT attaches importance to high-level education. More than a dozen PhD and master students graduated from RTCT and have been engaged in high-speed railway research and development in industry.

RTCT focuses on technology innovation for high-speed rail development. Based on research in areas of complex engineering system modeling. Large-scale HWIL simulation, and automatic integrated system testing, RTCT has successfully built China’s first full-line scale CTCS-3 HWIL simulation platform for high-speed railway signal system design, development and testing. This system, along with the CTCS-3 automatic testing system, is employed in Wuguang and Jinghu high-speed rail projects.

RTCT also pays attention to scientific research and core technology development. The research directions include fault diagnosis, predictive maintenance,safety testing and evalution of complex engineering system for high-speed railway train control systems. RTCT is determined to make continuous contribution to the sustain-able development of Chinese high-speed railway.