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Web and Software Technology R&D Center

The mission of the Web and Software Technology R&D Center is to develop and transform innovative technologies for the nation s key software projects and to transfer the technologies to related industries that are significant and strategic to the sustainable national economy and social development. Meanwhile, the center will closely cooperate with Tsinghua University s academic research in the areas of Software Engineering, Database, Multimedia, and Web Information Processing, and contribute to the emerging science and technology development.

The will play an important role in the construction of China s information infrastructure and the development of the information industry, emphasizing on sustainable development. It will promote academic and technology exchange and collaborate with international partners, and develop large-scale software and system with independent intellective property right.

The research and development domains of the center include software testing technology for large-scale information system, software testing tools, massive digital media management platform over Internet, Web service and semantic Web, Java technology, XML technology and component base, etc.

The center is currently undertaking multiple significant research projects,some of the projects are sponsored by China s National Key Sci-Tech Project, National Grand Fundamental Research 973 Program, and National Natural Science Foundation.

The center emphasizes on the integration of multidiscipline subjects, and collaborates with various international research institutes and companies. There are three research groups in the center: software testing and quality management, digital media, and Web technology. Web and Software Technology Research Center.

Homepage: http://west.riit.tsinghua.edu.cn