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R&D Center

Digital Television Technology R&D Center

Mission: The goal is to develop an advanced research center for leading-edge digital television technology in order to:

Undertake important research projects to promote and expand the Chinese digital television infrastructure

Develop innovative technology and intellectual property and propose products & systems based on these

Take advantage of the interdisciplinary skills from the School of Infaormation Science and Technology Foster international cooperation & corporate support

Create a recognized center of excellence that attracts senior engineers

Organization: The R&D Center uses the superior engineering of Tsinghua University to facilitate the development of the Chinese digital television industry. It extends the existing protocol research to undertake significant projects in the areas of digital television deployment and industrialization. The Center will focus on the Chinese standard for digital television terrestrial broadcasting including single frequency broadcast networks and the receiving/transmitting systems of DMB-T (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia/Television Broadcasting). The core technology with independent intellectual property will be implemented in ASIC format, which will then be developed into products and systems.